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Value Add


Value Add

Rebel Capital Group is committed to executing on a strategic value creation plan with each property we acquire. Given our long-term buy and hold investment strategy, we have the flexibility to employ the necessary time, resources, and capital to create maximum value in every repositioning. Rebel Capital seeks opportunities to create value through one or more of our proven strategies, which include:

  • Resolving deferred maintenance of property interior and exteriors

  • Enhancing or supplementing property management efficiency

  • Implementing software and processes to systematize ongoing asset management

  • Ensuring maximum value per rental dollar for our tenants

Our success and reputation has been built on integrity, honesty, passion and extensive experience in acquiring, repositioning and operating properties. We intend to hold our properties for the long-term, and as a result, it is imperative that we create value for all stakeholders, most importantly, our tenants.


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